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My name is Roger Deem and Admiral Enterprises is my production company.  

I picked up the nickname "Admiral" in my college years, born out of my well-known love of the original "Star Trek" television series.  In 1982 Paramount Pictures released "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" wherein Captain James T. Kirk was promoted to the rank of Admiral.  I acquired the nickname ad the conclusion of a summer camp experience for Cub Scouts and it has remained with me lo these ensuing 30 years.  

The name even appeared prominently on a series of business cards I used for various purposes:

Circa 1988

Circa 1995

Circa 2000

In 1981 I followed in my father's footsteps and began creating photographic slide shows to promote various activities in which I was involved.  The first was a recruiting tool for my old Boy Scout Troop.

In 1984 I masterminded a Scout summer camp promotion based on the Indiana Jones character and produced it under the name "Admiral Enterprises."  Continuing my fevor with all things Star Trek, I took the latter hald of the company title from that show's famous starship.

Since that time the banner of Admiral Enterprises has been waved proudly over a variety of undertakings including books, programs, slide shows, power point presentations, videos and internet websites.   I also occasionally perform home computer maintenance and virus removal under AE auspices.

As one of my advertising tag lines proclaims, I am pleased to have been making "A Creative Difference Since 1981."