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Power Point Presentations

Power Point is an amazing tool that can turn any presentation into a sparkling session.  Unfortunately, most people who create Power Point shows have no idea how to use the program and the end result is that dull and boring talks are made almost unbearable by unreadable, unfathomable slides.

At Admiral Enterprises we specialize in making Power Point presentations that grab and maintain attention.  

I created a program entitled POWER POINT UNCHAINED which presents 10 ways to improve any PP show.  Here are a few slides from that presentation (click on the image to enlarge it and use your browser's BACK button to return to this page):
Though I can't load the show itself on the site (anyone up for a six-hour download time?) I do want to promote a rapid demise of boring and stuffy power Point shows.  

I am providing a link below to download a copy of the custom-designed handout that is provided after each presentation (Why aftter?  Read the handout!)  Virtually all of the information built into this presentation is available in the handout.

To download the handout for POWER POINT UNCHAINED click 

To contact me about a Power Point project click HERE.