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A look back at the final years of legendary St. Louis Wrestling promoter Sam Muchnick as seen through the eyes of a young man with a camera.

Following the adventures of a teenaged wrestling photojournalist and enthusiast, the book details the wrestlers, the mat cards, the fans and the experiences of action at Kiel Auditorium and The Checkerson as well as those that took place on the immortal Wrestling at the Chase television show.

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Former St. Louis Wrestling Club General Manager
"Roger has captured the taste and feel of St. Louis wrestling with this sharp and affectionate look at the scene. The personalities come across, especially from a perspective that was both fan and professional. Anybody who mattered from Sam Muchnick to me to Roger to a fan in the top row of the upper balcony at Kiel Auditorium shared one thing - a passion for what we had in St. Louis. That passion, that love in fact, is vibrant in Roger's work. This is an opportunity to understand why St. Louis wrestling mattered so much to so many"

SCOTT TEAL, Whatever Happened to....
"I read it through in one sitting. It brought back a lot of old memories. Well put together and laid out with great reproductions."

"Roger's book offers a unique view into the crazy and private world of Sam Muchnick's St Louis Wrestling Club. Most other books about wrestling are filled with lies, half-truths, and the author putting themselves over. None of this is offered in this book. Roger's stories are an honest, humorous and sometimes tragic look back at the greatest wrestling city in history."

Super fan from St. Louis wrestling's glory days
"I just finished reading your BOOK! It was GREAT!! It brought back a lot of good memories. Your book has some very good information and I will put it with my others and cherish them forever."

From El Paso, Mexico

Excerpt from an review
"I have read EVERY professional wrestling autobiography. Around 40-50 or so. Of the 40-50 I have read only 5 were good enough to keep in my book collection to read again. Jack Brisco's book. Harley Race's book; Larry Matysik's "Wrestling at the Chase";St Louis Snapshots by Roger Deem; and Matt Murphy's book."