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Website Design
I began designing websites in 2000 as I spent an entire year trying to create a site for our local Kiwanis Club.  I crafted an initial storyboard for what the pages should look like and it took quite awhile to learn enough of the ropes to make it look on the internet the way I had seen it in my head.

From this process I developed a philosophy of web design which has served me well over the years.  In a nutshell, I believe most sites open with a home page that tries to put the Bible on a business card - meaning they try to cram every bit of information possible onto their opening screen.  By the time all the bells and whistles are added in (such as graphics and/or animations) the home page often takes so long to load that people on slower systems simply give up and move on (example:  Fox News).  A fast-loading page gets the surfer in right away (example:  Google).

It is my belief that the home page should be a hub which connects to other pages that hold the information to be shared with clear linkage to each page and back to the home page.  Organized, efficient and clean, this system just plain works!

Here are a few of the sites I have created:

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